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To contact the COI officer, please e-mail coi-help@mit.edu.

Can the training be done remotely?

Yes. The training is web based with certificate access, and can be done on any computer on which the investigator/key person has a personal MIT certificate installed.

Do PI’s need to know the proposal number in order to access certification or COI?

The notification email link will bring them directly to the correct screen in Kuali Coeus for certification. At the end of the Certification questions, they will be prompted with a link to the COI site if a full COI is required. If they leave the COI module and have to reenter, they can go in again through “MyCOI” where they choose from a list. The PI would then need to know which one to choose.

Does all foreign travel need to be disclosed?

All travel sponsored or reimbursed by a foreign organization must be disclosed, regardless of the type of organization sponsoring the travel.
Foreign (and other) travel sponsored or reimbursed by any of the following need not be disclosed:

  • MIT
  • U.S. Federal, state or local governmental agencies
  • U.S. Institutes of higher education
  • U.S. Research institutes affiliated with Institutes of higher education
  • U.S. Academic teaching hospitals and medical centers