Modifying Your Proposal Certification Questionnaire Answers

If you have previously answered this proposal certification questionnaire, you can edit some or all of your answers. You will need to navigate back to the proposal certification screen in Kuali Coeus. You may do this by following the link in the Notification you received to complete proposal certifications. Once back on the Proposal Certification Questions screen, you may modify answers to any question and "Certify Answers" again.

Actions available from the Certification web page

When you have completed your certification questionnaire, your options include:

  • Open Proposal - NOTE: this is available only to those with PI/Contact role.
  • Logout – click the Close button at the bottom of the screen
  • Go to the COI Module, select Home from the masthead, in Courtesy Links section, select COI
  • Navigate to another Kuali Coeus module. Select Home from the masthead and choose from the list.