Researchers at MIT are subject to the Institute’s Conflict of Interest in Research Policy which supports compliance with Federal and sponsor-specific conflict of interest (COI) disclosure requirements. Anyone submitting a COI disclosure should first read the Institute's Conflict of Interest in Research Policy. Any questions about a potential COI or the COI policy should be discussed with the department, lab or center head, or MIT’s COI Officer ( We are here to help you.

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Sparking Economic Growth Report

The Science Coalition released a Sparking Economic Growth report that traces the origins of 302 companies – many of them small businesses – back to federally support research. The report is “intended to showcase one of the ways that federal investment in basic scientific research helps stimulate the economy."

A few “Bright Lines” to Remember from the COI Policy:

Investigators may not:

  1. accept research sponsorship or gifts, in support of the Investigator’s Institutional Responsibilities from a for-profit privately-held Related Entity;
  2. subcontract to a for-profit privately-held Related Entity;
  3. negotiate with MIT on behalf of a Related Entity, or negotiate with the Related Entity on behalf of MIT;
  4. involve a student for whom the Investigator is a thesis supervisor in the Investigator’s Outside Professional Activities;
  5. divert research opportunities to a Related Entity, which are more appropriately undertaken at MIT, such as research sponsorship or other projects;
  6. promote the use of products or services of a Related Entity in the course of the Investigator’s Institutional Responsibilities; or
  7. engage in research involving human subjects that could reasonably be expected to affect the financial condition of a Related Entity.

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Trigger points that will require a COI disclosure revision and will reset the 12-month expiration date:

  1. Each of the following trigger points will require a COI disclosure revision and will reset the 12-month expiration date
    • When you add or revise an SFI – (within 30 days of acquiring the new financial interest (PHS Investigators only), 90 days for all others); or
    • At time of award – if you didn’t complete a COI disclosure at proposal time; or
    • Annually –  if neither of the above occurs in a 12-month period

You will receive an e-mail notification at least 2 months prior to the expiration date of your disclosure.