National Institutes of Health (NIH)

To Whom Do The New PHS Regulations Apply?

The new PHS policy applies to Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators and all individuals who meet the PHS definition of Investigator – anyone independently responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of research – essentially all key persons designated in the proposal.

With the assistance of a Faculty Advisory Committee we have developed guidance on who would be considered an “Investigator” for purposes of PHS funded research.  

When Do the New PHS Regulations Take Effect?

The regulations apply to new and continuation awards issued on or after August 24, 2012. SBIR and STTR Phase 1 awards are exempt from the PHS policy.

What are the Changes Affecting PHS Investigators?

  • Changes in significant financial interests (i.e. engagement in a new consulting relationship) must be reported regularly in Coeus, and within 30 days of any new interest arising. This reporting is in addition to the annual and proposal-specific disclosures.
  • There is a mandatory training requirement which must be met prior to beginning work on the project. This course must be completed every four years. For more information, see Training Requirements for PHS Investigators 
  • Travel reimbursed or paid on behalf of a PHS Investigators must be reported, within 30 days of its completion. Reimbursed travel that does not need to reported is that which is, unless the travel is reimbursed through MIT, or is sponsored by any of the organizations described below: 
    • U.S. Federal, state or local government agencies entities
    • U.S. Institutes of higher education
    • U.S. Research Institutes affiliated with Institutes of higher education (i.e., Whitehead Institute, Broad Institute)
    • U. S. Academic teaching hospitals and medical centers
    • Travel reimbursed by foreign institutions must be disclosed.   
    • Travel disclosures will be filed in Coeus and include the duration of the trip, the sponsor, and the destination of the trip. For more information, see Travel Disclosures 

Public Accessibility

  • When MIT has determined that there is a financial conflict of interest that could directly and significantly impact PHS funded research, we are required to make information about identified financial conflict of interest available to the public either via a website or through written communication within five business days of a written request for information.