Guidance Documents

COI Questionnaires

The owner of the e-mail address you provide in the form will get a copy of the form and that person will be able to review and approve it. You do not need to name the COI officer in form because it automatically sends a copy to the COI officer by default.The COI Officer’s approval is not required before engaging in these activities, only the DLC head approvals are required per MIT policy. The COI Officer will append completed forms to your COI disclosure for reference as required. We are working on setting up custom reports to send out annually listing all the questionnaires you have completed. This should be helpful to both faculty and DLC heads when completing/reviewing OPA report.

Coming soon!

  • Accepting Gifts
  • COI Management Plans
  • Large Grants
  • Purchasing Goods for Use in MIT Research from an SFI Entity
  • Sabbaticals and Leaves of Absence