Management Plans

Management plans need to be completed in cases where the Investigator has a Significant Financial Interest that may relate to his or her MIT Institutional Responsibilities. The development of a management plan takes place after discussion of the issue among the Investigator, his/her department, lab or center head and the Conflict of Interest Officer.

Note: Having a Significant Financial Interest does not automatically constitute a Conflict of Interest. For further information review the definition of a Significant Financial Interest (SFI)  and the SFI Decision Tree.

The process in brief:

  • COI Officer meets with Investigator and department, lab and center heads to clarify details of the draft management plan;
  • Investigator and department, lab or center head review the draft management plan, and where applicable, the director of the lab or center where the project will be carried out;
  • The draft management plan is submitted to the COI Committee for review;
  • The COI Committee reviews and recommends the approval of the plan to the Institutional Official;
  • Institutional Official approves the plan, and signs off on it along with the department head, director of the lab or center where the project will be carried out, after which, the research many commence.

FCOI Management Process

The completed and signed plan will be kept in secured files maintained by the Conflict of Interest Officer. All management plans will be updated annually.