Community COI Portal

The Community COI Portal is for faculty, staff, postdocs, and students to help increase understanding of the nexus between common COI issues and MIT activities. Multiple tools have been designed to help give and gather information efficiently in order to comply with MIT policies and procedures, make more informed decisions, and reduce administrative burden.

  • All COI Guidance Documents are written through the "COI lens" to help guide discussions and decisions surrounding MIT activities that trigger real or perceived COI issues.

  • Faculty Guidance Documents are written on topics specific to their needs. COI Questionnaires are web-based forms designed to facilitate easy review and approval of Faculty activities by DLC Heads to comply with MIT Policies and Procedures.

  • Administrators are often the first ones faculty and research staff reach out to with COI related questions. These guidance documents are written to aid discussions and provide COI policy interpretations for common situations.

  • Postdocs Guidance Documents written on topics specific to their needs with respect to allowed outside activities, start-ups, etc.

  • Graduate Students have Guidance Documents and COI resources to help with COI questions around outside professional activities, engagement with faculty start-ups, etc.

This Portal is for you, the MIT community! We want to hear from you about additional content you would like to see and feedback on what you’ve read so far. Please e-mail with your comments and feedback.

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