Significant Financial Interest Decision Tree

Use this decision tree to help you determine what constitutes a Significant Financial Interest based on the new PHS policy.

Significant Financial Interest includes the financial interest of the Investigator and also the financial interest of his or her spouse and dependent children when it could reasonably appear to be related* to the Investigator's Institutional Responsibilities.

* Investigators may make a reasonable, good-faith determination as to whether their research or other Institutional Responsibilities could affect the value of a financial interest, or have a financial impact on the Entity in which they hold a financial interest. For example, do not disclose a Spouse’s salary with a company that’s business focus is not related to Research or other Institutional Responsibilities.

Question 1:

Have you or anyone in your Family*, in the last 12 months, held any Equity Interests in any entity?
Yes       No

* Family includes domestic partner, spouse and dependent children.