Training: COI Disclosure: Details for AOs and FOs

Course Description

Purpose: This course is for Administrative staff with research administration responsibilities. Often, the first person an Investigator reaches out to for assistance when completing their COI disclosure is the AO or FO. The goal of this course is to go step-by- step through the process of submitting a COI disclosure in CoeusLite in order to gain familiarity with the process and the type of information investigators are being asked to provide and why. Class size will be limited to 12 people/class to allow for focused discussions on specific issues and concerns you may have in your department. To prepare for the class, please review the MIT COI policy ( and bring your questions to class!

This session covers:

  • Accessing CoeusLite MY COI
  • Creating an Initial COI Disclosure
  • Details for each of the 4 steps in the COI Disclosure process
  • Relevant COI policy for each step in the disclosure process
  • Submitting a Disclosure for review
  • Modifying a Master Disclosure
  • ‘Expiring COI Disclosure’ notifications
  • Resources available to aid the Investigator and you

Target Audience
Administrative staff (AO/FO) with research administration responsibilities

Instructor: Rupinder Grewal, MIT’s Conflict of Interest Officer

Location: NE18-913 (OSP Kendall Square conference room)

Three sessions are available:


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