COI Quick Reference Cards

These Quick Reference Cards provide guidance for specific tasks and processes. Refer to How to Disclose (In Coeus) for a full set of user instructions.

Proposal Development
Card TopicApplicationAudience
Adding NIH/PHS Investigators & Key Person Certification for subaward and multi-PI ProposalsKuali CoeusAggregators
Investigator & Key Person Certification: Non NIH/PHS Sponsor ProposalsKuali CoeusAggregators
Principal Investigator Certification QuestionsKuali CoeusInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
Certifying Key Persons and FellowsKuali CoeusInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
Proposal Certification Questions ListKuali CoeusInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
Award Stage
Key Person MaintenanceKuali CoeusInvestigators, DLC Administrators
COI Requirements at Award SetupKuali CoeusInvestigators, DLC Administrators
What is a Significant Financial Interest Investigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
Inactive (Grayed Out) Buttons CoeusLiteInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
Initial COI DisclosureCoeusLiteInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
SFI Entity CoeusLiteInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
Travel Disclosure CoeusLitePHS(NIH) Investigators and Key Persons
Proposal DisclosureCoeusLiteInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
Master DisclosureCoeusLiteInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
SFI EntityCoeusLiteInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
Travel Disclosure(s) in ProgressCoeusLitePHS(NIH) Investigators and Key Persons
Other Disclosure(s) in ProgressCoeusLiteInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
Master DisclosureCoeusLiteInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
SFI Entity (make inactive)CoeusLiteInvestigators, PHS(NIH) Key Persons
Travel DisclosureCoeusLitePHS(NIH) Investigators and Key Persons